Meet the runner – Kate Marsh

  1. How long have you been running and what inspired you to take up running as a hobby?


I first started running at parkrun in 2015. After getting my first full time job in an office with food galore, I put on quite a lot of weight in a short space of time (two stone in six months). I wanted to do something about it in a healthy way. I heard about parkrun from a friend at work and I decided to give it a try. I lost the weight I’d put on but I really enjoyed running, so I kept going. I also realised that were so many other benefits to running, as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Running makes me happy and I’ve met so many lovely people.


  1. What is it that you enjoy about running?


I love the feeling I get after a run, afterwards I’m buzzing and then I feel relaxed. I also like challenging myself and trying new routes, races and visiting new parkruns.


  1. Do you prefer to run alone or with other people?


Whilst I trained for London Marathon, I became a bit of a lone wolf, so I could focus on my plan. I love catching up with my running friends at parkrun, races and club training sessions (well, mostly the club meals and socials).


  1. What is your favourite distance to run/race and why?


My favourite distance is probably 10km because it doesn’t feel too long or too short! I sometimes find half marathons intense and sometimes it takes me a while to get into during a 5km run/race, so 10km is a nice in between for me.


  1. What is your biggest running achievement and why?


My biggest running achievement is doing my solo marathon on 26 April 2020. I’d completed the bulk of my training when it was announced that London Marathon would be postponed until October. I didn’t want my training to go to waste and I was enjoying it. I carried on training and decided to give the marathon a go by myself. I went out with my hydration pack and gels to Wootton Wawen and then back home. I was very lucky to have lots of support during my training, which made it more enjoyable!

Centurions Photo 2020

  1. What has been your lowest/toughest running moment and why?

I think one of my toughest running moments was during my solo marathon. I was a half marathon away from home, it was getting hotter and I could feel my feet getting a bit sore. I started thinking “what the hell am I doing?!” I’d had it planned for a while, but the reality of what I was trying to achieve finally set in. I had a word with myself, kept chipping away at each km and I started to enjoy it again. Plus, I had to get home somehow (so I thought I might as well run it)! I’m so glad I did, it was all worth it.


  1. Have you ever had to take a break from running due to injury?


I had to take a break for a couple of weeks when I sprained my knee. I didn’t do my shoelaces up properly and fell over twice at parkrun (it’s ok to laugh, I laugh at it myself)! Luckily my friends were there to scoop me up when I star fished the pavement and my injury healed quickly. I now quadruple tie my shoelaces.


  1. Do you do any other forms of exercise to aid/compliment your running?


I don’t currently do any other forms of exercise. Quite a few of my running friends do and they have shown great progress and had brilliant results. I think I should give it a go once London Marathon is ticked off my list!


  1. What are your running goals/targets for the next 12-18 months?


I would love to run London Marathon. If the event can’t take place in October, I’d love to give it a go next year! I’d also like to try more new parkruns and make progress towards reaching my 250th parkrun.


  1. What advice would you give to a someone who is thinking of taking up running?


It really is the best thing and I can’t imagine my life without running now! It can be hard to start with, but persevere and I hope you love it as much as I do! Also, do what makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be about races, times or distances. Enjoying running is the most important thing for me, so do what you enjoy.

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