Meet the runner – Kay Adenipekun

How long have you been running and what inspired you to take up running as a hobby?

 I had an aborted start at running in 2012, hurt my knee and abandoned it. I didn’t go back to it for good till Feb 2016 as I needed to get fitter, too long sitting at a desk and too many cakes and doughnuts!


What is it that you enjoy about running?

 My mind is quieter and I can exist in the moment without random thoughts flitting about in my head. And I can get outside and enjoy the outdoors


Do you prefer to run alone or with other people?

 I enjoy both for different reasons. Alone I can set a particular pace and zone out completely, with others there is the camaraderie with friends which makes the distance fly. With other people probably edges it.


What is your favourite distance to run/race and why?

 The half-marathon (which is odd as I haven’t been fit for too many) because I can settle into a rhythm and let the miles go by, and if I have a bad mile I can still make up for it which doesn’t happen for the shorter distances


What is your biggest running achievement and why?

 Probably Worcester 10k last year. I was in decent form but did better than I expected with a decent PB.


Worcester 2019

What has been your lowest/toughest running moment and why?

 Tearing my achilles tendon in Nov 2016. Didn’t get back to full fitness for 10 months and there were moments when I thought I might not run again


Have you ever had to take a break from running due to injury?

 Err, a few. The previously mentioned achilles tear and knee, and a lot of others, both major and minor. I’ve probably spent as much time since Feb 2016 injured as I have been fit


Do you do any other forms of exercise to aid/compliment your running?

 I do some strength training to reduce my susceptibility to injury, and get on the exercise bike as often as I can. I don’t do as much of either as I probably should!


What are your running goals/targets for the next 12-18 months?

Getting and staying fit is the limit of my ambition at the moment (in recovery currently). If I can get an uninterrupted 6 months running then I’ll review that 🙂


What advice would you give to a someone who is thinking of taking up running?

 Joining a running club makes it a lot more fun and you get so much support. Parkrun is also a good one for community and getting some regularity into your running


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